Police sound alarm about burglaries

Increase in home burglaries reported Increase in home burglaries reported
By: Gloria Beverage, Placer Herald Editor
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Rocklin Police are sounding the alarm. “In the last quarter, we’ve seen a 25 percent increase in residential burglaries,” Rocklin Police Chief Ron Lawrence said. “It’s not just in Rocklin, but in Granite Bay, Loomis, Folsom and Citrus Heights.” Rocklin residents have reported 60 residential burglaries from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31. Granite Bay is currently investigating 28 door kick entries. The area burglaries have a similar modus operandi of front door kicks or rear sliding door window smashes to gain access to the home. “With limited evidence or eyewitnesses, we’re doing the best we can,” Lawrence said. “There’s no indication these are connected (to the same individuals).” Police believe the burglars are watching neighborhoods, looking for residents on vacation, he continued. “My best message is to be more vigilant about what is going on in your neighborhoods,” Lawrence said. Even though the community may feel safe, Lawrence wants to remind residents to lock and secure all accessible doors and windows in their residences. It’s also important to remove valuables (including remote garage door openers) from vehicles when parking them on the street. “Please be alert and aware of suspicious people and vehicles in your neighborhood,” said Michael Nottoli, Rocklin Police Community Programs Coordinator. “If you observe suspicious activity or an actual crime in progress, please call 9-1-1 or the Rocklin Police Department’s non-emergency line at 625-5400. Anyone who has information about these burglaries or other crimes can make a confidential tip through the Placer County Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-923-8191. ________ Tips for deterring residential burglaries: Gates and Fences: Gates should be padlocked. This means an intruder has to climb over a gate or fence to get into your yard. Fences by the front entrance should be no higher than 6-inches. Additional lattice work is allowed. Swimming pools must be fenced at least 5-feet high with a secured gate that latches (RMC). Use devices that are solid one piece, case hardened steel. Key locks tend to be more secure than combination locks. Keep the padlock locked even when the gate is open (so no one can replace it with another lock.) Lighting: Leave at least one light on outside the front of your home all night. If everyone on the block does it, it creates a highly visible environment. Be sure to turn off exterior lights during the day. Mount lights high enough so criminals cannot loosen bulbs or destroy fixtures. Timers are available for interior and exterior use. Lamps on timers gives the home a lived-in appearance. Motion detectors can be useful and beneficial (not recommended as the only front light source because your yard will be dark until someone gets close enough to activate the sensor). Landscaping: Trim landscaping so it does not give burglars climbing access to the roof, fence ledge, upstairs windows, alarm boxes or light fixtures. It can, however, be used as barriers/deterrents (cactus, rose bushes, etc.). Address: Mount the house number on front of the home and curb. Use a color that contrasts with the background. The numbers should be back-lighted or mounted near a light source. Garage doors: Most garage burglaries occur because people leave their large garage doors wide open when they are not inside the garage. Consequently, bikes, tools, sporting equipment, etc., frequently disappear. Be aware that once someone gets into your garage, they can close the door and work on getting into your home without being seen or heard by neighbors. Don't leave your remote control in your vehicle. It’s like a key to your home). Garage to home doors: The door leading from the garage to the home should always be kept secured. It should also be a solid door, fire rated with a good deadbolt/strike plate system. Make sure the hinges are on the inside. -- Source Rocklin Police Department website