Pot pluses trump minuses

Reader Input
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I think marijuana has many positive uses, but it also has some negative uses. Some of the positive uses are that it helps people with cancer, HIV, stress or people with pain. Some of the negative uses are that it can be a gateway drug if a young person starts to use it. From my research, I have found that marijuana can be used for more positive things than negative. Scientists, for example, are starting to see if marijuana can maybe help prevent Alzheimer’s or if it can kill cancer cells. But, since it is a street drug, the government is really strict on the tests for these things. It is legal for medical use in 15 states. Many people want to make marijuana legal and I agree to a certain extent. If it were legal, it could help the economy, because we would be able to tax it. Also, the courts wouldn’t have to deal with people who get caught with marijuana. They could be dealing with bigger problems, like people who abuse drugs that are more dangerous. Jacob Ward, student, Auburn