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Precision Optometry offers new choice in eye care

By: Teresa O'Hanlon, Placer Herald correspondent
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Patrick Young of Rocklin loves to work with numbers, but when the pre-algebra student struggled to see the white board in class, he knew his vision was creating an unnecessary variable in his math equations.

“It was difficult to see the problems, so I had to move up closer and I had to ask other students if I copied down the equations correctly,” the sixth-grader said. “Dr. Brooks is very nice and she’s helping me get the right prescription.”

Doctor Geraldine Brooks, optometrist and owner of Precision Optometry, opened her new Rocklin practice earlier this year in the Safeway Plaza on Park Drive and Sunset Boulevard to serve the community with state-of-the-art vision care as a board-certified Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent Licensed Optometrist.

“I have an extra degree in physiological optics in addition to my optometric license,” Brooks shared. “A therapeutic license allows me to treat eye disease and minor eye injuries, and to prescribe eye medications to the patient’s pharmacies for a variety of eye conditions.”

Precision Optometry serves adults and children and offers vision check-ups for $30 as part of an eye exam and $48 contact lens fittings for most prescriptions and warranties at no additional fees.

Optician Laurie Palka enjoys working with customers to find vision wear that is comfortable and affordable.

“As soon as patients come through that door, we like to do the one-on-one personalized service for them where it’s all about them and we address any and every need that they have,” she added.

Brooks has been a practicing optometrist for 19 years and stressed the importance of eye exams for both vision evaluation and detection of ocular and systemic disease. In a number of cases, she has identified medical conditions and critical health issues in time to save her patients’ lives.

“I examined a 12-year-old patient three years ago who was having unusual vision changes and who had just seen a neurologist … the neurologist did not provide the patient with a diagnosis,” Brooks said. “When I examined the patient’s eyes, it was obvious the patient was suffering from papilledema, a swelling of his optic nerves. I referred him to urgent care for a spinal tap to relieve the intracranial pressure to preserve his eyesight. The spinal tap revealed that he had leukemia. His mother, who was blaming the child’s vision problems on playing too many video games, was very thankful that I diagnosed her son correctly and that he was treated for leukemia in the early stages of the disease.”

Brooks said her job is very rewarding, especially when she guides patients in making good financial choices to maximize their visual health and arms them with knowledge of cutting-edge vision technology. While progressive lens free-form technology for patients over the age of 40 now provides revolutionary change, Brooks notes only 35 percent of Americans have converted to the better lens technology compared to 75 percent of patients in Europe.

“All of our handheld devices – iPhones, Droids, iPads, computer screens – are coated with high-tech anti-glare coatings and only the best companies provide this level of technology to eyeglass lenses,” Brooks said. “In Asia, 95 percent of eyeglass wearers have quality anti-reflective coatings, compared to only 30 percent in the U.S. It seems Americans are not aware of the latest technology, or it has something to do with our lack of accessible medical health care.”

Before graduating at the top of her class at the University of California Berkeley School of Optometry, Brooks completed her primary education on three different continents.

“I lived overseas during most of my childhood, including a total of 13 years in Africa, four years in Europe and four years in Canada,” she said.

Brooks speaks French and has professional fluency in Spanish, and her receptionist is fluent in American Sign Language. Her staff is excited to welcome new patients.

“The first 30 patients who schedule an eye examination stating that reading this article prompted them to request the examination will receive a free cleaning solution kit for eyeglasses or contacts, depending on what the patient requires.”



Precision Optometry
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