Prop 8 and the Rocklin City Council

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Proposition 8 was and continues to be the frantic intrusions of religious zealots into the private lives of citizens. The proposition is poorly worded and grammatically flawed and should be voided because it is vague. I voted against it for those reasons and voted for Obama even though I am a Republican. That disclaimer aside, I believe the people who asked the city council to pass an anti-Prop 8 resolution have replaced common sense with comic staging. This is not a city issue. It wasn’t before the election and it surely isn’t now given the proposition’s approval. This is Rocklin; it is not Davis or Berkeley. Our city faces a terrific revenue crisis. I could be wrong, but I am guessing what keeps our city manager and our five city council members awake at night is budget cuts, not gay marriage. They have to walk the halls of city hall smiling at many people they may have to fire. The gay couple, as teachers, have never faced such a decision because of the corruption of tenure. If they are receiving flack from students and parents, I can guess why. If they are willing to waste the city council’s time, they are probably wasting students’ time as well. As a parent, I fought hard to make sure teachers did not use the classroom to promote personal politics because that is unethical and stops students from considering both sides of an issue. Mayor Hill cut off the presentation for the same reason anyone is cut off during public comments: time is up. If that prompted tears, I have only one suggestion. Grow up. Roger S. Peterson, Rocklin