Putting on the show

By: Jim Linsdau, Sports Editor
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This past week I had the opportunity to cover the Whitney Winter Tournament for boys basketball.

I had a chance to visit with Wildcats head coach Matthew Rickabaugh before the varsity tournament got underway and we talked about what it takes to put on such a show. It’s discussions like those when I think my job’s not so tough.

The Winter Tournament combines three tournaments in one – freshmen, junior varsity and varsity. It’s hard not to think “three-ring circus” when talking about it.

Besides what Rickabaugh puts in, many, many volunteers are needed and not always that easy to come by. But coach and co. pulled it off with perhaps a small hitch or two here and there.

Not only were there 12 games each day that required officials, scoreboard operators, shot clocks and official score books but a hospitality room as well. That’s so referees and coaches could get refreshments or something to eat in between games. And volunteers supply that to boot.

I don’t know the people who did all this, but I can say from a sports fan’s point of view it was very well done. They make my job just that much easier.

By the way, Rickabaugh had a team to coach as well.