Reader finds Rocklin not so quiet a place to live

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Rocklin has been named one of the best towns to live in for families and young children. Apparently, this award benefactor has not been in my neighborhood lately. Four young men in their early twenties just moved in next door to me. They all work during the week to afford the high rents afforded on my street. The weekend is their time to roar. Their friends stop in all hours of the night and leave high, drunk or both early in the morning. They all come and go with a loud greeting and slam of the door. Of course, this has been waking me up for a month now since they moved in. Now they have made friends with the neighbors across the street that are prone to smoke and drink in their garage with the lights and radio blaring until the wee hours. As you can imagine, I feel outnumbered and victimized. It is my last semester at Sacramento State and I am carrying a heavy load. I need my sleep. The Rocklin Police Department either chooses not to do much or is held back by legalities. If I have had enough and elect to call them, they merely talk to the residents for about two minutes and leave. The party then continues. I tried to talk to the young men, but they have ignored me, one of them even telling me to shut up at one point. I live very close to Cobblestone Elementary. It is a travesty that these people are getting away with what appears to be drug dealing, obvious loud, drunk parties and underage-looking girls visiting at all hours of the night. I feel I am not being heard by the authorities and wonder why I am the one who is suffering here. Any suggestions? R. Boice, Rocklin