Reader Input: Boxer speaking to wrong crowd

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As a Roseville native, I can only imagine that the 300 people who attended Barbara Boxer’s speech are not Roseville or Placer County natives. If they were, they would know that Placer County is a very conservative place. I think Placer County has voted for Republican presidential candidates for several consecutive elections. I think we will continue to do so.

We have a basic understanding of things like the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental law here in the U.S.

Democrats, like Dianne Feinstein, believe that law-abiding U.S. citizens should not be able to own firearms, while she possesses a concealed weapons permit.

Democratic Party Chairman John Burton urged those present to take back red counties. Does he mean that cities and counties should bury themselves in red ink like the state, which is ruled by his party?

Maybe he should look around the U.S. at other red states, like the Dakotas, where unemployment is under 5 percent; in Montana, with a part-time legislature that recently returned $250 million of a $500 million surplus to the taxpayers; or Utah, which pays cash for all highway improvements.

Perhaps we should all line up like Nancy Pelosi suggested and let Congress pass bills like Obamacare without knowing what is in them. Even if I did think the world was flat, I know there is no utopia to be built by over-reaching government like Boxer and other Democrats seem to believe.

Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin