Reader Input: Kudos to Sierra College solar students

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GRID Alternatives, a nonprofit solar contractor serving low-income communities across the north state, would like to congratulate Sierra College students and faculty on their new solar array. (“Students brighten Sierra College’s day with solar array,” March 14)

Their photo-voltaic courses provide high-quality education and solar-job training that will prepare the workforce for employment in the fastest-growing job sector. In addition, GRID Alternatives would like to thank Sierra College for volunteering their students to provide us with invaluable assistance in installing low- to no-cost PV systems on residential rooftops. In return, they have received hands-on experience in designing, installing and implementing solar power systems, and we could not be prouder of this partnership.

Placer County, and the entire north state, are fortunate to have Sierra College leading the way to environmental and economic sustainability for all.

Nicole Farquhar, SolarCorps outreach, construction and development associate, GRID Alternatives – North Valley, Chico