Letters to the Editor

Reader Input: Let’s save the quarry

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I would like to back up strongly what Janet Dunlap and Jill Fellows wrote recently about preserving a very important piece of Rocklin's colorful past.

Rocklin was built by granite. Its name came as a result of the production of granite for use in well-known buildings around the state. Rocklin granite was higher-quality granite than many other sources. To get a real picture of where Rocklin came from, get the video "Gold, Granite and Grit, A Quarry, A town and the Building of California" produced by Dan DeFoe, a professor at Sierra College. It's a great introduction into Rocklin's past.

I said in a letter I wrote about a month ago that if Rocklin residents gave up a Starbucks latte, mocha grande(?) and a Big Mac every year, and used that money to fund a "real" historical development for Rocklin, we could make it happen. Come on, Rocklin residents. Let's preserve "our" history. Let's save the Big Gun Quarry.

Don Perera, Rocklin