Reader Input: Look to other cities for inspiration

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Something that has amazed me since I moved to Rocklin is the fact that we have a highly rated college that feeds into the UC system, something to be boasted about.

We are a college town. Yet, you would never know that Sierra College really belongs to Rocklin. When you think of the potential in this, it's rather frustrating. The city of Claremont is another college town, but they have capitalized on their schools and the charming, vibrant downtown village they have created.

Visit for a look at possibilities for Rocklin's future.

Our city has focused, in the past, on building new strip mall shopping while neglecting centers like the one on Granite, where Beverly's is located. This center has much potential with the dry (sometimes wet) creek bed behind and below the shops in that center. Look at what San Luis Obispo, another college town, did with its creek:

Think of the potential of our area: an excellent college, possible nature preserve and a charming, historic downtown with museums, shopping, dining and recreation. These bring great value to communities with the vision and will to make it happen. Property values could be soaring here.

Janet Dunlap, Rocklin