Reader Input: Magnuson brings experience to council

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The City of Rocklin must continue to keep the far-reaching knowledge and experience that George Magnuson has been bringing to the City Council meetings and the citizens of Rocklin.

His decisions are based on what governments require. He considers the issues from all points of view, and then recommends choices that will provide a positive outcome.

Our city needs him to be re-elected so the new council members can draw from his experience. He can respond to questions regarding policies and procedures they are sure to have. Mr. Magnuson is patient and pays attention when the audience speaks. He leaves no stone unturned when a topic is discussed and often encourages further research and discussion to assure a correct decision is made.

I have never witnessed Mr. Magnuson being rude toward his peers or the audience members. He is compassionate and understanding and he cares how results of the city council’s decisions will affect the citizens of Rocklin.

Jill Fellows, Rocklin