Reader Input: Quarry is a Rocklin treasure

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Rocklin is a great place to live. The one thing missing is its sense of history. Almost every town around Rocklin has promoted its history through heritage committees and have areas in the towns that show off their history.

These areas promote visitors to come and spend their money. Basically, Rocklin has “zippo.”

If I have a visitor, I would like to show off Rocklin’s history. There is no place except a small Historical Society building to take them too. I usually end up going to Folsom, Auburn, Nevada City and others

It would be really sad if the last remaining remnants of Rocklin’s history, the Big Gun Quarry area, is lost to the state of California’s self-created financial crisis.

P.S. Rocklin spent a ton of money for those “wonderful” fake rocks near Rocklin Road and Highway 80. The Big Gun Quarry area would be a great place to start, after many years of talking, a real downtown.

Don Perera, Rocklin