Reader Input: Quiet Zone poses danger

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RE “Opponents mobilize to put the brakes on Quiet Zone," April 11.

The city of Rocklin's six rail crossings have had a stellar 72-year accident record – only three accidents in that period – two fatal, one non-fatal. In the last 30 years there have been no crossing accidents at all. Why the great record? People obeying the law, the presence of crossing gates installed in 1988 and, most important of all, the routine sounding of train horns for the crossings.

The Department of Transportation/Federal Railroad Administration, the California Public Utilities Commission and the city want the public to believe that adding roadway center dividers at all of the crossings (which are made of cement and emit absolutely no sound) can replace the routine sounding of train horns as a safety device. These groups have a statistically based mathematical device (the Crossing Risk Calculator) they say proves this is so. This device is actually nothing more than one of the worst hoaxes ever played on the American public. Whoever designed it should be sent to prison.

The Rocklin Quiet Zone has the very real possibility of causing many accidents that would not occur if it did not exist.

Kenneth Rogers, Rocklin