Reader Input: Thankful for Rocklin Historical Society

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As an audience, our attentions are divided. We have more devices and entertainment options than ever before and many (myself included) have grown accustomed to multi-tasking our way through life. Rare is the time when we are captivated, which is why those moments are so memorable.

We crave moments when we have the ability to transcend our daily lives and experience something more. They inspire a feeling of youthfulness and a sense of childlike wonder that squeezes its tiny fingers around our hearts to keep us transfixed. While few things in this world can cast such a spell, one is the power of an exceptionally told story.

We connect with stories because they’re very human. When we tell the story of a place, listeners have a chance to lend their voice to the narrative by visiting that place and creating their own experiences. If a place wishes to flourish, to be known and to be loved, it must have individuals committed to telling its story and telling it well.

Rocklin is lucky to have the Historical Society to protect and preserve its story. We are luckier still that many members are exceptional storytellers. However, we all must do our part to listen to and learn Rocklin’s history so we may tell it with our own voices.

Only when we’ve learned that story can it spark imaginations to build upon it. That way, when we pass by the local landmarks we cherish, we can spread their importance by becoming storytellers ourselves.

Dani Loebs, Rocklin