Reader Input: Web makes it easier to learn about Rocklin

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Mr. Don Perera and city residents: Although the “original” vision for developing Downtown Rocklin has changed, the vision itself is still active. This topic was discussed at the Jan. 12 yearly special City Council Retreat, which all residents could attend.

Downtown Rocklin has been discussed several times at City Council meetings. If you have a computer and want to know what will be or has been discussed at meetings, check Rocklin’s website, click on “Agendas.” Also, check out all the attachments underlined in blue by clicking on them; other department’s meetings are also listed.

There is an interesting, informative article on developing Downtown Rocklin on the site. On the home page, click the picture, “Economic Growth,” at the bottom; on the left, click “Navigate”; “Redevelopment and Housing”; drop-down box “Redevelopment.” Scroll to “Downtown Rocklin Plan.” You will quickly realize no one is just sitting on his or her hands.

Attend the City Budget Workshop April 30. Hear how your nickels and dimes are being spent. (Time not yet determined.)

It cannot be assumed there will be enough money in the city’s coffers to satisfy the desires of each of us. However, by tuning in to learn, and by participating, you will soon begin to realize there are a lot of areas where those nickels and dimes must go. An easy way to begin: Regularly check the site and attend as many city meetings as possible. If you have no computer or have a question, call (916) 625-5000.

Jill Fellows, Rocklin