Letters to the Editor

Reader Input: Yamamoto's story a warning for parents

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Regarding Matthew Yamamato – this story demonstrates how low we have descended as a society. This man has no respect for himself, for anyone else or the law. He apparently is so focused on his own sexual gratification that he cannot control himself, even in the face of criminal prosecution, conviction, incarceration and loss of career. He blatantly ignored a restraining order to satisfy his overriding need to satisfy his sick "needs." (“Yamamoto remanded back into custody,” Nov. 29)

Just as sad is the fact that he allegedly found willing participants among high school girls. While the law defines his acts as forced, it is obvious that his "victims" willingly involved themselves with someone who is defined legally as an adult. While their parents are understandably outraged, they need to ask themselves this question: How did we contribute to our children’s thinking that would lead them to believe that sex outside of marriage with anyone was acceptable?

Sexual activity has risen to a level acceptance among youth that is frightening. Have parents who should know better simply surrendered to the idea that kids will be kids? If so, such parents need to take the time to reflect on their own morals. Every failed society fell first because sexual morality was forgotten and abandoned. Are we going to ignore history to our own demise?

Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin

Editor’s Note: Matthew Yamamoto’s case is ongoing and the outcome is not yet known. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. Monday, Jan. 14, in Department 32 of Placer County Superior Court.