In real world, workers don’t have tenure

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Let’s level the playing field shall we – and not by using union labor. In Placer County, union representatives are calling four mandatory furlough days “unfair labor practices.” Yet union employees can work 20 years, retire in their early 50s, and then collect inflation-adjusted pensions for the rest of their lives – another 20, 30, 40 years? I call that “unfair accounting practices.” We’ve been warned for 20-plus years these days were coming. CALPERS reps recently threatened that if they can’t meet their financial responsibilities then taxpayers will have to pay more. Again, “we the collectively represented” shouldn’t have to feel the pain that the rest of the workforce does. At what point did we as a people become so helpless and detached from personal responsibility that we are incapable of preparing for our own futures? We’ve been dancing around the inevitable cost- and staff-cutting that should have begun years ago. Everyone needs to feel the pain – even union employees. In the real world workers don’t have tenure. We don’t have job guarantees. We are expected to pick up the slack when things are tough, and without checking first to see if it falls within our job descriptions. In the real world we understand that we may be fired, and should have enough depth in our résumés to make us employable. We don’t expect someone else to pay for our retraining. And we understand that things aren’t always fair. Simple math – an entity, which produces no profits but takes increasing amounts from those who do, won’t long survive. This is how it works in the real world. Welcome to it. John Chase, Rocklin