Rep did the right thing in ‘no’ vote

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On Feb. 24 a reader offered his opinion that Congressional Represen-tative Tom McClintock had done something wrong by voting against the supposed “stimulus” legislation. I would say that Mr. McClintock did what he was sent to Congress to do, which is to uphold the Constitution of the United States. His oath of office requires him to do that first and foremost. I would also submit that he voted in a way that the vast majority of his constituents would have wanted him to vote. There is an old saying: “You cannot tax a nation to prosperity.” That is exactly what this stimulus legislation is trying to do The authors of the Constitution envisioned a limited federal government. Bills like this “stimulus package” far surpass that vision. That vision was correct then and it is correct now. We need to reel in any legislator that does not understand that principle. Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin