Residents stay vigilant; burglaries drop

By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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After police announced that residential burglaries had increased 20 percent in the last quarter compared to the previous year, Rocklin police reported only one home burglary last week. “It’s difficult to run stats from week-to-week for trends, but we are happy about only one,” Rocklin Police Lt. Lon Milka said. On Jan. 12 a purse and electronics were apparently stolen when the garage door was left open at a residence on Grenada Court. “I can’t help to feel that we may have had zero residential burglaries if the garage door would have closed,” Milka said. Last week Rocklin Neighborhood Watch groups and social media websites devoted to stopping crime were abuzz with tips and the latest on suspicious happenings on the block. Rocklin homeowner Nicole Mazzone offered advice on her Facebook group, Cresleigh Springs Crime Stoppers. She was determined to prevent someone from feeling the pain of a burglary. Last year Mazzone’s home was ransacked and many of her personal items were swept away by an unknown suspect. “(It felt) violating in a way that I can’t describe. They touched everything I hold dear,” Mazzone explains. In addition to losing heirloom jewelry, Mazzone also lost her computer filled with priceless memories. “I have written letters to each of my kids each year they have been alive. Eight years of love. All of them gone,” Mazzone said. “I still haven’t gotten past that.” Even with the dip in activity, Mazzone wants everyone to continue to be on the offensive. “I do think all the coverage is making people aware,” Mazzone said. “Many here feel invincible since it’s a nice neighborhood, but crime is everywhere.” Rocklin Police Community Programs Coordinator Michael Nottoli said there are a number of things people can do to deter burglars. While burglars have used rocks to break sliding glass doors, Nottoli offered a solution. “You can get a vibration sensitive alarm for about $10,” Nottoli said. The battery operated stick-on alarm senses the slightest vibration on the window pane and then issues an alert. Nottoli also suggests tougher methods. “I support the steel mesh sliding glass door,” Nottoli said. Modesto-based Nx Stage Security offers the SliderBack patio security door, which fits over the existing sliding glass door. “It looks just like a white screen door, but it is constructed of heavy duty, galvanized steel and is bolted into the frame of the building,” said Nx Stage Security Regional Manager Matthew Unverferth. The unit price is about $1,800 with up to $300 for installation. “You can keep your glass door open in the summer, but people still can’t get in your house,” Unverferth explained. A video is available on their website: The security door will be on display at their booth at the Northern California Home & Landscape Show at Cal Expo Jan. 27-29. Since front door kick-ins have also been a problem, offers the Onguard door brace for about $100. The device prevents the forcible opening of the front door. “The door and the brace can take a good beating from a large individual,” owner Jordan Frankel said. Frankel said the brace can withstand 1,800 pounds of pressure per square inch. “It’s very easy to insert and remove,” Frankel said. “It was designed for a child to take it in or out, an elderly person or someone sitting in a wheelchair.” Nottoli said there are other no-cost ways to deter burglars. “We recommend making the house look and sound like it’s occupied,” Nottoli said. Make sure the outside is well lit. And leave a radio on near the front door that may alert suspects that someone is home. “The typical burglar does not want to find somebody home,” Nottoli said. He reminds residents considering having an alarm system installed that the city requires an alarm permit. The cost is $25 for the first two years and $15 for each two-year renewal. Each residence or business is allowed one free false alarm response in a rolling 12 month period, which begins when the alarm permit is issued. For general false alarms, there is a fine of $50 for the second response and $100 for the third and subsequent responses during the 12 month period. For more information on alarm permits, visit the Rocklin Police website or