Residents unite for Rocklin dog park

By: Vicki Bottini Curtis, president/founder; Tiffany Gilroy-Chin, secretary, Rocklin Residents Unite for Fido (RRUFF)
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RRUFF (Rocklin Residents Unite for Fido) is a committed group of Rocklin residents dedicated to establishing the first enclosed off-leash dog park in Rocklin. Our initial presentation to the Rocklin City Council in November 2009 was met with great enthusiasm and interest. A dog park can enrich the lives of both human and canine Rocklin residents. Although there are many benefits to building a dog park, there is only one very good reason we may not be able to…money. At a time when the city of Rocklin is struggling with an economic crisis, it’s difficult to warrant the expense as we have been tasked with reducing our city’s basic services, such as police and fire personnel, including our one and only police dog. Therefore RRUFF is determined to find a low-cost, creative solution to building a fenced dog park where our canine companions can be leash free. We ask our community and local business to support our cause either in effort or donations. Rocklin is a great place to live and RRUFF wants to extend that greatness to include our four-legged companions who look to us for nearly everything: food, shelter, water, love — and exercise! Many of you may now know the benefits of licensing your dog. This is a very important step in being a responsible dog owner/pet parent. Licensing your dog is not only a Rocklin Ordinance; it is also a California State Law. Licensing your dog today is easier than ever. The Dog Licensing fees have just been reduced by 33.33 percent! Please visit for more information. No matter if you are a pet parent or a parent of a child, RRUFF combines our common interests and we ask for your support. A Rocklin dog park will give our community dogs a park in which to socialize, and many of the challenges facing dog owners and our neighbors will be resolved. Dogs will have a designated area to relieve themselves and our softball and soccer fields will not be subjected to pet waste. Pet waste is everyone’s concern and as responsible dog owners should always remember to “scoop the poop.” Furthermore, dog owners should always have their dog on a leash while out in the community. The building of our own community dog park will allow dog owners an excellent place to exercise their canine companions. We encourage all Rocklin residents to join RRUFF. Sign our petition showing your support for an off-leash, enclosed dog park. The more support we have from our community, the easier it will be to reach our goal. Visit our website for more information and stop by our booth at Evenings in the Park, Hot Chili & Cool Cars, and the Barktoberfest. You can sign the RRUFF petition, offer to volunteer your time, your expertise — anything you can do to help! We’d love pictures of your dog to post on our website. Contact RRUFF at dogownersgroup@rruff.vpweb. com or go to