Revenue equals more pay

Letter to the editor
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On the front page (Placer Herald, July 9), I was reading that Mr. Leo Chavez said, “How do you define fair? In relation to my peers, yes, I feel it’s fair. What does the CEO of a company generating revenue of $100 million with 500 employees make? That’s essentially what I am, so it’s hard to define fair.” Sorry Mr. Chavez, but you generate no dollars, nada, nothing. The government, which you “essentially” are, is given money from the taxpayers for a service it is supposed to provide. As far as I am concerned, when Mr. Chavez does start generating revenue for me and other taxpayers, then we would be more compelled to give him more money, if he deserves it. I think Mr. Chavez has forgotten who he works for. Neil Thomas, Rocklin