The road to relaxation: Granite Bay business helps clients with yoga, sleep therapy

By: Amanda Calzada
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Yoga didn’t seem like a good idea.

“I didn’t think I liked yoga,” said Rocklin resident Shelley Donovan, who has visited Sehatu Sleep & Yoga Studio every Monday with her special-needs son, Matthew, 16, since the Granite Bay facility opened in June 2012.

“There’s definitely a connection between the mind and the body. Someone recommended it and it turned out to be awesome,” said Donovan, who supports the use of yoga to supplement medicine.

Donovan said the relaxation sessions have helped her son focus, as she’s seen the results in his improved quality of sleep. He had had trouble sleeping, she said, but the sessions have improved his quality of sleep and also bonded the two through physical fitness.

Donovan said visiting the facility has helped her son learn to relax. She appreciates the “awesome, compassionate and caring” instructors.

“Services offered at Sehatu help people balance their lives, develop a mind-body connection, improve their awareness and learn skills to take charge of their busy lives, rest and relax their minds when needed, to recharge and refocus, then do the best they can when it’s time to work,” said Dr. Amer Khan, founder and CEO of Sehatu.

Sehatu’s hallmark is its Deep Relaxation Training, a four-week program with 90-minute classes consisting of stretching and breathing exercises, guided meditation and cognitive behavior modification.

The Deep Relaxation Training program is the most popular among clients, who visit from Roseville, Rocklin, Granite Bay, Orangevale, Shingle Springs, Placerville and Loomis.

Clients also like the individual attention offered through the yoga sessions. Sehatu serves adults and children ages 10 and up.

The wellness facility does not use chemicals, substances, supplements or medicines. Rather, the techniques are derived from the disciplines of sleep medicine, psychology and yoga.

Additionally, Sehatu offers a variety of yoga classes with an emphasis on relaxation and meditation to help clients improve the way they function in all aspects of their lives.

Khan said anyone interested in improving their health and well-being will benefit from the services, especially people with stressful lives, insomnia and feelings far from relaxation. People wishing to improve their work, school, sports and relationships can also benefit from the services.

“Life is worth living at its best,” said Khan. “Tired, stressed and sleepless minds cannot be productive.”

Khan, who co-owns the facility with his wife and Sehatu yoga instructor, Iram Khan, said people do not realize that body weight, hormones, blood pressure, blood sugar, immunity, alertness, memory, mental processing and aging are related to sleep.

“I think the best thing is that it serves a lot of needs,” Donovan said. “You can go there for yoga, for relaxation. It’s not just one thing. I would encourage people to go just for the welcoming that they give you when you go there. They are so kind and concerned about your needs. – so awesome.”



Sehatu Sleep & Yoga Studio
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