Rock Creek celebrates diversity, community

By: Dorothy Sutter, Principal's Column
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The Rock Creek Elementary school community is united to educate the total child in mind, body and spirit to become self reliant, productive and enlightened citizens. We are dedicated to providing an environment that encourages success and nurtures self esteem through growth and change. Rock Creek opened in August of 2002. Staff and administration shaped the vision for our site to creatively and collectively think outside the box. Our concern is meeting the needs of each individual. The education team at Rock Creek takes great pride in providing strategies and modifications to improve learning. Rock Creek students take pride in their achievements. Rock Creek staff and administration provide encouragement, praise and acceptance, approval, fairness, honesty and friendliness within the school so that students can grow with confidence to persevere in a society that is continuously demanding and may not always be so righteous. Rock Creek is proud of our character education program. We emphasize the six pillars of character and address each one of them at monthly assemblies along with discussions and writing in the classroom. Classrooms may reside on Responsibility Avenue, Respect Way, Caring Drive, Fairness Boulevard, Citizenship Street or Trustworthy Lane, but regardless of where you live on the campus the qualities seen of a well-rounded citizen shine. At Rock Creek we take bully proofing very seriously. Teachers and staff incorporate mini-lessons to teach social skills. Delivery of our established bully proofing curriculum is required at the start of each school year in every classroom. With our diverse population where 20 different languages are present, our students have the opportunity to learn about various cultures and customs thus enriching their understanding of the world around them. We are very proud of the accomplishments from being a Reading Renaissance Master School to being nominated for a California Distinguished School. Working together with the community we all succeed.