Rocklin Academy fourth-grader wins top SACMATH award

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Shaurya Grover, a student at Rocklin Academy charter public school, participated in the May SACMATH, or Sacramento Area Competitions in Mathematics, Elementary School Contest, and won the award for the Top Fourth Grade Student. Seventy students participated from 15 Sacramento-area schools, competing in challenging tests involving problem solving, number sense, and live head-to-head competitions. Grover earned five trophies in all covering wins in Number Sense; Individual Math; Maps, Graphs, and Charts and the head-to-head tournament. “It was a pleasure to have Shaurya Grover, a fourth-grader, in my fifth-grade math class,” said Catherine Klein, Rocklin Academy teacher. “There are many different ways to approach math problems, and with Shaurya in my class, I could introduce concepts demonstrating one approach, and then could turn to him, and ask, ‘Shaurya, could you show us another way to solve this problem?’ I could always depend upon his enthusiasm for math.” ~Staff report