Rocklin business offers gutter tips

Business brief
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Fall is the time of year to get your house in order before winter sets in. For most homeowners, this means it is once again time for a good, old-fashioned gutter cleaning. According to Rocklin resident Robert Lenney, gutter cleaning expert whose company has cleaned out more than 5 million feet of gutter since 1996, it’s the semi-annual project that strikes fear into the heart of all urban and suburban warriors who face that dreaded request of gutter cleaning. “At its best, gutter cleaning is a tedious and disgusting task. At worst, it can be scary and downright dangerous. One slight misstep and you are heading to the hospital with a broken bone and bruised ego,” Lenney said. Top 10 tips for gutter cleaning 1) Always let someone know you are cleaning your gutters. 2) Use a ladder with a shelf and a plywood platform for stabilization. 3) Clean off roof first. 4) Wear rubber-soled shoes or Korkers (shoes with grip spikes) for stability when walking on roof. 5) Use a small plastic spade or gutter scoop. 6) Use gloves and proper eyewear. 7) Unclog downspouts with a garden hose that has an adjustable spray. 8) Install a downspout chain to eliminate annoying rain dripping sounds. 9) Watch out for hazardous power lines. 10) Clean gutters twice a year or install a GutterGuard. For more information, go to