Rocklin Chronicles

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5 YEARS AGO January 11 , 2006 Rocklin looking for funding. As its City Council and Mayor George Magnuson project plans for 2006, some of Rocklin’s long-term projects seem to be singing, “We had funds, funds, funds ‘til budget cuts took our funding away.” Although Magnuson is a seasoned mayor with three previous terms behind him, he is challenged with twice as many residents to serve than when he started. “From 1996 to 2001, Rocklin’s population nearly doubled,” he said. “Some people aren’t happy about that, but the majority of the new citizens are moving friends and relatives to town.” According to City Manager Carlos Urrutia, 2006 will be “a challenging and busy year” with growth affecting the city in positive and negative ways. “We have been fortunate to grow at a very steady, but planned, rate and the city has been well prepared to handle the steady growth.” He said. “The positive impacts include a much broader and higher level of municipal services, strong financial performance, a strong real estate performance.” 15 YEARS AGO January 9, 1996 14-year-old arrested in Rocklin arson. Rocklin police detectives arrested a 14-year-old boy Wednesday, bringing a frightening string of arson fires at a Rocklin apartment complex to an end. The Rocklin juvenile was booked into Placer County juvenile Hall Wednesday on five counts of arson in connection with fires set in a car and a trailer at the Village Parkside Apartments. Cheri Edwards watched as her 1979 Subaru was consumed in flames in the parking lot of the apartments at 3300 Parkside Drive Tuesday night. “It was an inferno, flames were a couple of feet high and they were coming out everywhere,” she said. About 10 a.m., Dennis Meyer ran out of his apartment after an explosion catapulted him from his bed. When he saw the car in flames, he thought it had exploded. It had been lifted from its space in the parking lot to a patch of grass a few feet away, he said. However, firefighters credit the explosive sound to the car windows bursting from intense heat and not the vehicle’s gas tank exploding. Edwards, who said she is still in shock, was visiting friends at the apartments at 3300 Parkside Drive when her car was set on fire. She had arrived from her South Lake Tahoe home only two hours before, when another resident knocked on the door and said that a car was ablaze in the parking lot. “I knew that it was mine,” she said. 40 YEARS AGO January 14, 1971 Stormy Meeting Due: Police Shake Up Brings Protests. Petitions were the name of the game in Rocklin this week, in the wake of a police department shake-up which saw Chief Chuck Lucas temporarily demoted and Patrolman John Zwolinski handing in his resignation, reportedly by request. Target of the petitions is the five-man city council, which reportedly will face a standing-room only crowd at its meeting Monday night to hear the double demands that the action against Lucas be rescinded and the City Administrator Lloyd Freeman be fired instead. The explosive series of events, reportedly simmering for sometime, officially surfaced last week when Freeman hand delivered to Lucas a decision reached by the council in executive session which reduced him to the rank of sergeant and the title of “acting” chief of police for 90 days. Freeman characterized the action as an “administrative reprimand” and stressed that the demotion ws temporary, and that no more is being made to recruit a new police chief. Pressed for the reasons behind the council action, Freeman said he could not make public disclosure of the deliberations, but added, “He’s a real good public relations person but some police work needs to be done, too.” The Rocklin Chronicles are compiled by Sue Choate. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.