Rocklin Chronicles

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June 24, 2010
— Shaurya Grover, a student at Rocklin Academy charter public school, participated in the May SACMATH, or Sacramento Mathematics Elementary School Contest, and won the award for the Top Fourth Grade Student.
Grover earned five trophies in all covering wins in Number Sense; Individual Math; Maps; Graphs, and Charts, and the head-to-head tournament.
June 21, 2006
— Student journalists Jillian Lerner and Tallon Armstrong from Breen Elementary School know how to make the news. They write it themselves for the school newspaper, The Pawprints.
But they also made big news when they were honored with the award for the Best Elementary School Publication in Washington, D.C. by Weekly Reader Publishing and the Association of Educational Publishers.
June 25, 1996
— When the Gospel Gangstaz talk, people listen…. and tap their feet.
The two-man Christian rap group pumped out their message at Crossroads Community Church in Rocklin last Sunday in front of an audience of teens and adults.
“Chilly Babe” and “Solo,” who make up the Gospel Gangstaz, know what it is like to live on the streets, in the “hood.” The two came from a life headed nowhere and turned themselves around by becoming Christian. Rapping is their way of encouraging othaaers to follow their example.
June 24, 1971
— A proposed 1971-72 Placer County budget of $19.9 ­million -- accompanied by a recommendation it be financed with a basic tax increase of between 20 and 42 cents   -- was taken under study this week by the board of supervisors.
The budget was prepared in large part by James E. Williams, who resigned as county executive officer May 1 to become an official of the State Supervisors Association, and the county administrative staff.
Williams’ successor, Rickard Andrews, noted the tone of the budget message and declared: “I realize it appears somewhat gloomy, but if you’ll excuse the bureaucratic cliché, I’m cautiously optimistic that we’ll be able to offer revisions that will result in less taxes than proposed.”
Board members had no comment on the spending program and, in fact, they did not bother to vote to accept it as a working document.
The county’s tax rate has been held at $2.31 ½ for the past four years. While this appeared somewhat heroic on the part of board members, additional tax revenue has been obtained by way of a continuing countywide reappraisal program in which most holdings were appraised at higher values. The latest budget recommendations indicate a  higher tax rate is needed for the future.
Paula Mooney uses back issues of The Placer Herald to compile the Rocklin Chronicles.