Rocklin Chronicles: March 17

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5 YEARS AGO March 15, 2006: Rocklin area businesses hit by ‘booster crews’ – The March 9 arrest of four alleged “booster crew” members marked the second time in a month the Rocklin Police Department put a damper on this new type of shoplifting. Detectives responded to a tip that Safeway security employees on Sunset Boulevard and Park Drive suspected the crime ring was hitting the store. The result was the arrest of suspects 40-year-old Mareina Mejia and Diana Soto, 28, of Los Angeles and 27-year-old Yolanda Jetzy Gomez and Juan Rala, 41, both of San Jose. Three of the suspects reportedly gave false names upon arrest. Within the last three weeks we know of two other booster crews that have been to the Granite Drive Safeway and have arrested three subjects,” said Rocklin Det. Sgt. Lon Milka. “I am sure they are hitting other stores, but Safeway has really good security.” Ironically, area Safeway investigators just completed a training course in organized retail crime the day before the March 9 attempt. During the class, detectives learned that “boosters” are small groups of people who victimize stores using cell phones, designated drivers, lookouts and decoys. 15 YEARS AGO March 19, 1996: School seeks state funds – ROCKLIN-School administrators have pledged to seek state help with funding of the final phase of Rocklin High School. A controversy over the almost completely local payment for the $42 million high school led administrators and parents on a trip to the State Office of Public School Construction last week. The technical procedures followed during the application process were researched to find out why the district received only about $6 million in state matching funds. According to state records, the district had priority one status for funding in September 1992. Parent Mark Forbes asked I the board had complied with minority funding law, would Rocklin have received more state money. Attendees were told the outcome was a decision based on needs at the time. “The district did not misrepresent their year-round status to the Office of Public School Construction and the District received their priority funding status in alignment with proper State Allocation Board policy,” said Oscar Wright, Executive Officer for the state. 40 YEARS AGO March 18, 1971: Moving to Loomis. Maclaskey Resigns From Council Post – Rocklin will be looking for a new mayor as of April 20, the council learned Monday night, as Myron Maclaskey submitted his resignation effective that date. Maclaskey resigned from the council because he is moving to a new home in the Loomis area which is out of the city limits of Rocklin. The council will have to appoint a citizen to serve out Maclaskey’s council term, it was announced. Maclaskey’s term has three years left, as he was elected only last year. When the membership of the council is back to five, the council will elect a new member to serve as Rocklin’s mayor. Little official action was taken at the Monday meeting. The council voted unanimously designating the month of May as city clean-up month. The Rocklin Chronicles are compiled by Sue Choate. No editing changes are made to the copy so that the entries appear as originally published.