Rocklin Fine Arts shares its palette of artists

Membership show to feature myriad of artistic mediums
By: Teresa O'Hanlon, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Working nine to five in mixed genre of color, space and composition is customary for graphic designer Gini Crepps Mitchell.
Change her title to watercolorist, though, and she becomes a pioneer within Rocklin’s growing art scene.
“I’ve only been painting seriously for about four years. Thankfully, I’ve been very successful and sold a majority of my work,” shared Crepps Mitchell, president of Rocklin Fine Arts. “I’ve been very encouraged and I think that has come about through Rocklin Fine Arts. The group gives artists an environment where they feel they can put their work out there and start small and, hopefully, grow into a larger venue.”
More than 40 artists participate in the Rocklin Fine Arts organization and many will showcase and sell their work at the annual membership show schedule Saturday and Sunday at Rocklin’s Finn Hall.
A montage of modern and traditional art pieces, including internationally recognized artwork, photography and sculpture, will be on display.
Artists will also have pieces available as reproductions in prints, decorative boxes and other fun forms at an artists’ marketplace.
“On Saturday, we also have a People’s Choice Award,” said Debbie McSherry, membership show chair. “People can choose which pieces they like; what appeals to them. The public votes and we add up those votes and give a little ribbon. It’s really ceremonial. It pumps everyone up.”
Refreshments will be available during the artists’ reception Saturday from 3 to 5 p.m.
McSherry, a multimedia artist who works in oils, acrylics, pastels and watercolors, will present two pieces at the show.
Along with Crepps Mitchell, she expects a variety of Rocklin artists to showcase their work, including Gayle Rappaport Weiland, Jer Jarrett, Marilyn Heyman, Ken Maddex, Jill Maddex and Bill Mang.
Rocklin Fine Arts aims to support artists and educate the community with membership shows, artist-led workshops and other special events.
“Especially with all these budget cuts, artists are just kind of slipping away into the shadows because there’s not a lot of support,” said Crepps Mitchell. “So number one is building the enthusiasm amongst the artists to really get out and promote their work. We’ve had some wonderful presenters that come in that talk about their different styles. You don’t have to be an artist to support the fine arts. You can come in as a member and you can come to the meetings and see the demonstrations. I think that’s something the community doesn’t realize. We would love to have more community support.”
Rocklin artists are also looking for public places to display their work. Business owners with a blank wall may want to consider inviting an artist to arrange a display. A waiting room can become a place to analyze an acrylic or meditate on a mobile. Local business can offer customers a room with a local view.
“This way people can get to know our artists,” added Crepps Mitchell. “There’s a lot of possibility. Rocklin Fine Arts is a growing group right now. It’s amazing how much talent is right here in Rocklin.”
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Know and Go:
Fourth Annual Rocklin Fine Arts Annual Membership Show and Sale
Why: A celebration of local art including the new Artist’s Marketplace
When: Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5pm
Where: Finn Hall, 4090 Rocklin Road
For more information email or visit 

Know and Go
What: Fourth Annual Rocklin Fine Arts Annual Membership Show and Sale
Why: A celebration of local art including the new Artist’s Marketplace
When: Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5p.m.
Where: Finn Hall, 4090 Rocklin Road
For more information: E-mail or visit