Rocklin girl’s wish revealed

Granite Bay High students build play structure for Autumn Grisham
By: Kim Palaferri, Placer Herald and Press Tribune correspondent
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Looking into her backyard, 4-year-old Autumn Grisham dreamed of a play structure built like a red barn. One she could escape to where she and her brother, Calvin, could forget about the life they are living with a disease called Type 1 Neurofibromatosis.

It’s a rare genetic disorder in which nerve tissue grows tumors that can turn cancerous. The children’s father, Darin, is also living with neurofibromatosis.

When Autumn was granted her wish from Make-A-Wish, Northeastern California and Northern Nevada chapter, a group of volunteer friends and the Make-A-Wish club at Granite Bay High School banded together to quickly create Autumn’s dream yard while the siblings were on an overnight stay, so as not to reveal the surprise.

Family friend Jesse Paiz moved all the mulch for under the play structure and also built the fence that surrounds the yard while Granite Bay students Emma Graycyk and art teacher Myron Stephens painted small chicks on the barn, a favorite animal of Autumn’s. The play structure came with a slide, swings, ladders, bells and a play garden Autumn can water. Other members of the club organized and decorated for the reveal party, which included a pony dressed like a unicorn named “Shimmer.”

The seven-member club also fundraised for Autumn’s wish and will continue their donations through the “Twilight Walk for Wishes” May 18 at Raley Field. All proceeds will benefit Autumn’s wish.

At the reveal party which coincided with Autumn’s princess-themed birthday party, the birthday girl was thrilled with her new structure and invited friends dressed as princesses and princes or knights to enjoy it with her.

~Kim Palaferri