Rocklin grad’s first song released on iTunes

By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald Correspondent
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Words and sentence syntax are more than letters strung together for aspiring music artist, Brodi Nicholas, a Rocklin High graduate of 2009. “The way I look at it, rap is just poetry with a heartbeat,” said Nicholas, whose first song, “Overtime Lovin’” was released on iTunes on Jan. 11. Nicholas appeared on Good Day Sacramento recently and he had his first live performance recently in Loomis. His appearances have attracted interest for more live performances all over California. Mark S. Allen of Good Day Sacramento said Nicholas’ music is “the next generation of Justin Timberlake” of rap genre. Although Nicholas is identified as a rapper, he says he strives to produce different beats people of all ages can enjoy, from rap to rock to pop. The variety in sound is contributed to the variety in musical instruments he uses. Nicholas’ appreciation for diversity in musical sound reflects his musical background. He remembers being a “band geek” when he was a student in the Rocklin Unified School District where he learned to play the violin and trumpet. In middle school, he played in both band and honor band. By the time he was a student at Rocklin High, he participated in every band offered: concert, symphonic, jazz, pep, and santa band. He also competed in football, baseball, and wrestling in high school and learned to play the guitar, ukulele, and piano. “I feel like my appreciation for music and theory at a young age really had a positive effect on my music now, even though it is completely different,” he said. The one thing that has not changed since Nicholas’ youth is his passion for writing. Writing, particularly poetry, paralleled his interest in music. He is considering becoming a journalist or novelist in addition to his rapping career. Nicholas relishes how language, especially in songs, can be an “invigorating” expression and “inspiring message.” Nicholas doesn’t want the inspiration just derived from his music, however. He is sponsored by “Don’t Worry Be Happy” shirts, which spread Kevin Carlberg’s positive energy. Nicholas wears these shirts at most interviews and performances to further spread the happiness. For each shirt sold, a percentage of the proceeds help alleviate the cost of medical bills for cancer patients. “He is very passionate about his music and helping where he can,” said Nicholas’ manager and friend, Davis Spaid-Banks. Nicholas remembers showing Spaid-Banks the beginning of his song, “Overtime Lovin’” when the two were high school classmates together. Together, they decided to make the song a project, even when Nicholas moved from Sacramento to Irvine for school where he met another young artist from Rocklin: Jeremy Crooks. While Nicholas says that they each have completely different styles in music, they enjoy being roommates and staying up all night talking about the business and sharing music. His album, “Poetry with a Heartbeat,” will be released in the spring of 2011. “No doubt in my mind or anyone that has heard his stuff’s mind that he will be a big time star,” said Spaid-Banks.