Rocklin grad helps nab alleged thief

Long Beach resident says he ‘just did what anybody else would have done’
By: Krissi Khokhobashvili, Placer Herald and Press Tribune editor
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A Rocklin High School graduate’s military training and physical fitness enabled him to help a woman in Long Beach after her phone was stolen.

Danny Feldman, Class of 2004, said he was jogging near the docks April 3 when he saw two men approach a woman. The victim later told the police she was asked for the time, according to a press release from the Long Beach Police Department, and when she checked her cellphone, the suspect grabbed it.

“I quickly realized that he was trying to rob her, so I went and I kind of steered him from behind a little bit and I tackled him, and he kind of slipped away and started running,” said Feldman, 27.

Feldman said a man who was with the suspect started running too, and Feldman called 911 and then jumped on the suspect from behind, put his arm around his neck and took him to the ground. The Long Beach PD showed up and arrested the 16-year-old suspect, according to the release, who was booked for robbery and the victim’s property returned to her.

The incident happened the same day that hotel security alerted police to a burglary in which electronic equipment, alcoholic beverages and food items were taken, according to the Long Beach PD. Based on suspect descriptions given by security, officers arrested two suspects.

“I commend these members of the community who saw a need to get involved by calling the police and acted on that need,” Police Chief Jim McDonnell said in the release. “Their actions have helped to make our community an even safer place.”

Feldman’s dad, Rocklin resident Len Feldman, said he wasn’t at all surprised that his son, who served in the Air Force for eight years, had the instinct to help someone out, despite the danger to himself.

“As a dad, I had two reactions,” the elder Feldman said. “First I was very proud of him, and second I was very scared for him, because he took on two muggers and in fact had to restrain one.”

Len Feldman said the event brought a sense of déjà vu, as 28 years ago, when he was running in Sacramento, he helped nab someone who was breaking into a car.

“When the police ran his fingerprints, they found out he was a paroled second-degree murderer,” he said. “I took a big gulp.”

The younger Feldman, who is now a junior executive at a freight company, said he doesn’t see himself as a hero.

“I just did what anybody else would have done,” he said.