Rocklin High’s 2010 class is ‘most influential’

By: Amanda Calzada, Placer Herald Correspondent
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At Rocklin High’s graduation, the class of 2010 was nicknamed “the perfect 10” for a variety of reasons.
Principal Michael Garrison said it had been 10 years since a class of comparable caliber graduated.
“This class has been the one class which has been most influential in our school’s academic success-under your leadership we were crowned the No. 1 school in Placer County four years straight,” said Garrison to the sea of blue gowns Friday night in the stadium.
The class of 2010 helped Rocklin rank a “10.” Among this group of young adults includes 10 valedictorians and “10 plus 1” classmates with four years of earning all A’s.
Nearly 45 percent of the class of 2010 graduated with at least a 3.5 GPA, including Rocklin’s No. 1 and No. 2 students: Shawn Kim and Alicia French.
Kim, along with Stephanie Chan, Mollie Herlocker, Robby Meador, and Megan Lund spoke at the ceremony.
2010 marked the first year Rocklin High offered an advanced diploma to students who excelled beyond the basic graduation requirements in one or more academic subjects. Forty-seven seniors earned an advanced diploma.
2010 was also the first year Rocklin established a Freshmen Mentorship program where an upperclassman were paired up with a ninth-grader for the school year to motivate and tutor a struggling student. Sixty seniors were directly involved with this program.
Leadership was not only reflected in academics, but also in athletics where No. 10 helped lead the way to Rocklin’s very first football section championship and later State Championship. More recently, the seniors saw No. 10 lead Rocklin to a second consecutive baseball section championship, sliding past Granite Bay, who, “has 10 letters in their name,” counted Garrison.
2010 was the second class in Rocklin’s history where a student athlete earned the CIF Spirit of Sport Award (Nick Shafer). Athletes Jackson Cummings and Morgan Smith represent Rocklin’s two most celebrated athletes of this class.
Graduates cherished the sentimental moments of their four years, which included chanting “we will miss you” as sophomores at the rally where the Class of 2008 said their final goodbyes. Rocklin has never seen any other class do this.
“It is as if my whole life is flashing before me,” said senior James Whistler reflecting upon his high school career before the graduation ceremony.
He was recognized for distinguished community service, Eagle Scouts, Golden State Seal Merit Diploma, and a Presidential Academic Excellence Award. This fall, Whistler is heading to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo to study industrial engineering.
“I can not even begin to explain everything I’ve learned here in four years,” said Whistler after receiving his diploma. “I know though, Rocklin has provided me with an incredible sense of insight that I can and will use in my future education and endeavors.”

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