Rocklin High grads net $4 million in area scholarships

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Rocklin High School Class of 2009 graduating seniors accepted nearly $4 million dollars in scholarships this past month. But not all that money came from outside sources. The Rocklin High School Assist-a-grad Scholarship program, which is sponsored completely by local donations, provided thousands of dollars toward Rocklin High School graduating seniors’ college funding. “Despite the declining economy, our community still believes in our students,” said Cindy Cutts, Rocklin High scholarship coordinator in a news release. “At the beginning of September I didn’t know what to expect from our community scholarship sponsors. But our contributors have continued to honor seniors’ achievement with the same financial commitment as always.” Many of the Assist-a-grad Scholarship sponsors have been involved in the program since 1997, when Rocklin High held the first graduation ceremony. “It’s extremely gratifying to work with generous families, clubs and businesses, who feel connected to Rocklin High School for so many years,” Cutts said. “Local scholarships honor our students’ achievements and validate their efforts in a very personal way.” Many of the Assist-a-grad sponsors interview applicants and personally present the scholarships on senior awards night at Rocklin High. Assist-a-grad 2009 scholarships recipients • America Legion Scholarship $500: Chris Africa • Nancy Archibald, D.D.S. Health Science Scholarship $500: Shelby Bergman • Challenge of Change Award John Brophy Keller Williams Realty $250: Divya Krishnakumar and Michelle Ahronivitz • Dr. Kevin Chang Foundation Scholarships $250: Sima Bouzid and Mallory Valenzuela • Economic and Planning Systems Scholarship $250: Matt Kilbourne • Mark Hardy Honorary “Invest in People” Scholarship $1000: Megan Ginther and Brian Hulsebus • Jerry Keenan Memorial Scholarship $500: Tyler Garrison • Kiwanis Club Scholarships $1000: Shane Seppinni and Chase Fong • NEC Scholarship $500: Samantha Wittwer • Matt Redding Memorial Scholarship $1000: Jeffrey Barnette • Rocklin Community Leadership Awards $100: Michael Amorde, Eric Kassis, Janelle Currey, Andrew Greenhalgh, Amber Diller and Valerie Dudley • Rocklin Community Spirit Awards $100: Mark Ziebell, Nathan Dudley, Cheryl Ford, Rosie Perrot, Beau Runsten, Emily Shields and Justin Tynan • RHS Booster Club Scholarships $500: Shane Seppinni, Karl Cannon, Jeffrey Barnette, Monica You Booth • Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarships $1000: Brandon Ryan, Cassandra Trickett and William Howe • Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce Scholarship $800: Stephen Cowan • Rocklin Area Chamber of Commerce Sierra College Scholarship $500: Chad Davies • Rocklin Association of Professional Administrators Scholarship $500: Amanda Sword • Rocklin Lions Club Scholarship $500: James Darr • Rocklin Loomis Rotary Club Scholarship $1000: Sienna Woodford, Tyler Runsten and Divya Krishnakumar • Rocklin Teachers Professional Association $750: Erica Smith and Shannon Gaughan • Stephen & Cindi Sampson Peer Counseling Scholarship $500: Tyler Runsten • Margaret Schonbeck Memorial Scholarship $500: Lauren Baker • Pereira Award $500: Kevin Rose • Pereira Award $250: Monica You Booth, Chris Africa and Jeffrey Barnette • Phil Spears Honorary Rocklin High Staff Scholarship $500: Mallory Valenzuela, Sima Bouzid, Hayley Hucks, Brandon Ryan • Dick Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship $1750: Rachel Leung • Bob James Memorial Scholarship $750: Jeffrey Barnette • Katie Taylor Memorial Scholarship $1000: Katherine Rose • Wells Fargo Scholarship $500: Sasha Brown and Brandon Odion • Thunder Spirit Award $100: Kevin Rose • Rocklin Youth Soccer $500: Taylor Torretta and Stephen Cowan • Rocklin Youth Soccer Jim & Nancy Wood Scholarship $100: Cheryl Ford & Tyler Garrison ~ Staff Report