Rocklin High School students honored at Senior Awards Night

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The Rocklin High School Class of 2012 accepted more than $50,000 in locally sponsored scholarships on June 4, through the school’s Assist-a-grad Scholarship Program.
Seniors submitted comprehensive applications in March and many were interviewed in early May.
Winners were announced at the annual Senior Awards Night, which kicks off a week of activity for graduating seniors.
The Rocklin High School Assist-a-grad Scholarship Program is coordinated by Cindy Cutts, who has recruited scholarships for Rocklin High since the first graduating class in 1997. Over the past 16 years Assist-a-grad has provided a half million dollars of locally sponsored scholarships to Rocklin High seniors.
“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of our community,” Cutts said, “Even in a struggling economy, I continue to see businesses, and service clubs and individuals make higher education a priority for Rocklin students.”
Many Rocklin families do not qualify for federal or state financial aid and an Assist-a-grad scholarship is often treasured by the entire family.
“For many students, an Assist-a-grad scholarship is the only financial aid they receive,” Cutts explained. “When students receive a locally sponsored scholarship, it’s more than just the money. It’s a tremendous honor to have someone from your hometown invest in your future.” 

Winners are as follows:
American Legion Jim Davidson Memorial Scholarship: Hayley MacKanin.      
Nancy Archibald D.D.S. Health Science Scholarship: Alicia Phillips.
Bock Parisi Achievement Award: Juan Del Toro.
John Brophy of Keller Williams Realty, Challenge of Change Award: Caecilia Kim and Anna Walsh.
Esperanza (Hope) Scholarship: Hayley MacKanin, Stephanie Obrowski and Ryan Root.
Mark Hardy Honorary Scholarship: Steven Millett and Kelsey Garvella.
Barb Heirigs Memorial Scholarship: Kayce Tynan,  Melanie Petersen, Megan Toppings, Travis Decker, Caecilia Kim, Jennifer York, Ryan Root and Britlyn Husmann.
Jerry Keenan Memorial Scholarship: Juan Del Toro.
Kiwanis Club Scholarship: Angela Bassal and Ryan Root.
Jesse Leimbach Memorial Scholarship: Chris VanLiew.
Loomis Basin Veterinary Clinic Scholarship: Alex Devereux.
Prone Family Foundation Scholarship: Shahriyar Jahanbakhsh, Natasha Pineiro and Jennifer Wirt.
Joseph G. Prone Futures Awards: Angela Bassal, Yasmine Bouzid, Marissa Romeri, Sarena Sgambati, Megan Toppings.              
Officer Matt Redding Memorial Scholarship: Stephanie Nguyen and Natasha Pineiro.
Rocklin Association of Professional Administrators Scholarship: Clarisa Hernandez.
Rocklin Community Leadership Award: Neil Brinckerhoff, Zach Douglas, Bret Fessenden, Nicholas Heath and Tim Wall.
Rocklin Community Spirit Award: Jacalyn Graber, Savannah Hansen, Dillon Payne, Devina Tjhia, Holly Gail, Ashlee Petrilla and Kyle Van Dusen.
Rocklin Community Academic Leader Award: Leandro Praseli, Harrison Hucks and Anastasia Shuler.
Rocklin High Booster Club Scholarship: Caecilia Kim, Hayley MacKanin, Jennifer Wirt, Paco Hernandez and Jennifer York.              
Rocklin Lions Club Scholarship: Natasha Pineiro.
Rocklin Loomis Rotary Club Scholarship: Ryan Root and Keely O’Brien.
Rocklin Teachers Professional Association: Maggie Herlocker and Austin McDowell.
Rocklin Test Prep Scholarship: Kevin Barry.
Rocklin Wave Scholarship: Anastasia Shuler.
Rocklin Youth Soccer Club Scholarships: Keely O’Brien,   Serena Sgambati, Baylor Hogan, Alisha McGoldrick, Alicia Phillips and Leandro Praseli.
RUSD PTC Clubs Scholarship: Holly Petersen.
Stephen & Cindi Sampson Peer Counseling Scholarship: Megan Deaver.
Phil Spears Honorary Staff Scholarship: Megan Toppings, Janis Chung, Christoph Peters and Alex Moniz.         
Springfield Scholarship: Erika Strickler, Holly Petersen and Zach Dahla.
Springfield Louis Ginsberg Memorial Scholarship: Maggie Herlocker and Jason Hughes.
Katie Taylor Memorial Scholarship: Jason Hughes.
Thunder Spirit Award: Janis Chung, Dillon Payne and Daniel Quinnell.

For more information on how to contribute to the Rocklin High School Assist-a-grad Scholarship Program contact the College and Career Center at Rocklin High School at .