Rocklin High students 'occupy' school office

School network problems spark protest
By: Gloria Beverage, Placer Herald Editor
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More than 150 students and teachers participated in a short sit-in at the Rocklin High School administration office on Nov. 30. The group wanted to vent their frustration with the unreliable computer network. “This has become a frequent occurrence; one that many administrators and students felt was unfair and irresponsible of the district,” reported Amanda Wong on Rocklin High’s The Flash Online. Crashes have taken place throughout the school year, Wong said. On the day of the protest, the server crashed early in the morning, but was restored around 11 a.m. “Students are upset by the consistent network failures at the school resulting in lost work, especially as finals and application deadlines approach.” Principal Dave Bills indicated the protest, which lasted about 10 minutes, was “very peaceful.” Bills said on Thursday that he acknowledged the concerns of the students and shared his own frustrations with the network problems. “We will continue to work with the district to make this better,” he said. The protest was inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movements happening across the nation, noted student Nicole Sanchez, who participated as a photographer for the Rocklin High School yearbook. “Many Social Studies teachers used the protest as an example in their lessons and either allowed their classes to participate or discuss the event in class,” Sanchez said. “I thought this was a very highly educational experience because the whole protest was based around advocating for yourself and the First Amendment.” Sanchez believes the protest was successful because Principal Bills calmly and immediately addressed the group’s concerns.