Rocklin household battery collection expands

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The City of Rocklin in partnership with Recology Auburn Placer and the Rocklin Unified School District is expanding the household battery collection program. Recology, the city?s solid waste hauler, donated collection buckets and agreed to add up to 20 more pick up locations to their route, while the school district agreed to have a collection bucket at each campus and administrative facility. To date, a total of nine buckets have been placed at five schools and four district facility buildings. In addition, the city added a drop off location at the new Parks & Recreation office at Johnson-Springview Park. The key to expanding the collection program into the schools is teacher interest. Battery collection buckets are placed in the school office and are ?adopted? by one or more classrooms. The adoption becomes part of the classroom curricula and students are responsible for advertising and promoting that their campus has a bucket. Besides creative writing and art, the adoptions also provide opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and math curricula, from simply keeping counts of the number or the weight collected to in-depth investigations on how batteries work, are manufactured, are recycled, and what happens when they are not recycled. The program also promotes environmental stewardship, since batteries discarded in the trash or on the ground can cause ground water and soil contamination and legally must be recycled. The curricula are easily adaptable to all grade levels from Kindergarten through high school. So far, five schools are participating in the expanded program with collection buckets in campus offices sponsored by the following classes: Mrs. Wampler?s sixth grade class at Breen Elementary; Mrs. VanLiew?s and Mrs. Wardlaw?s Kindergarten and fifth grade classes at Parker Whitney Elementary; Mrs. Anderson?s fourth grade class at Rock Creek Elementary; Mrs. Patterson?s second grade class at Sunset Whitney Elementary; and Mrs. Shirhall?s fourth grade class at Twin Oaks Elementary. Thanks to the ongoing support of Recology and the school district for this program, the city is able to continue to meet and beat State-mandated solid waste diversion rates efficiently with no additional costs to Rocklin citizens and keep illegal batteries out of the trash.