Rocklin manufacturer signs deal with Costco

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Rocklin-based Gutterglove, Inc., has announced that it has finally secured a deal with Costco to sell EasyOn Gutter Guard through With so much paperwork going back and forth, and waiting for the new website to go live, it took over a year for this deal to happen.

EasyOn is a gutter protection system that keeps leaves, pine needles and even tiny roof sand grit out of gutters, so they never have to be cleaned again. It is made from a high-grade surgical stainless steel micro-mesh that has 2,500 holes per square inch, and easily fastens to the front lip of your gutter.

“Back in 2011, I was asked by Costco to come up with an easier way to install a DIY gutter guard for their members”, said Robert Lenney, CEO of Gutterglove and inventor of the exclusive private label gutter guard made for Costco. “I thought and thought, and then found a completely new way to install a gutter guard that’s simple, easy and has never been done before.”

Lenney came up with the idea of using the same double-sided adhesive tape concept used by auto makers for holding their brand logos on the side of their manufactured cars. Between the logo and the metal sidewall is a very thin piece of double-sided tape. Lenney decided to use this super-bonding adhesive on the front lip of EasyOn. All the homeowner does is peel off the backside of the adhesive, slip the gutter guard under the roof shingles and press the front down on top of the gutter.

There is no need to remove EasyOn because it keeps debris out of gutters for decades. It allows gutters to reach virtually full life expectancy (20-25 years) because it keeps the rust-causing organic debris out of gutters. If you ever needed to remove EasyOn, it comes off easily with a drywall knife.

Because some homeowners feel more comfortable with the traditional screw-on method of attaching a gutter guard to their gutters, self-tapping screws are also included with every order through You can either tape on EasyOn with the pre-attached double sided adhesive tape or screw it on to the front lip of your gutter.

Lenney also didn’t want his new design to have the inherent problems that traditional DIY snap-on gutter guards have.

“Snap-on gutter guards always seem to collapse in the gutter, or blow out of the gutter, warp, crack, separate from their adjoining sections and allow significant amounts of leaves and pine needles back in the gutter,” Lenney commented. “My new patent-pending ‘easy on’ system prohibits those problems from occurring.”

Lenney is not new to the inventing world of gutter guards. He is a pioneer of the stainless steel micro-mesh gutter guards since his first invention in 2003, Gutterglove Gutterguard. Lenney’s gutter cover was rated the highest score by Consumer Reports Magazine in 2010 and 2011 out of 19 gutter guards tested. More than 400 dealers throughout North America install his Gutterglove gutter covers, and his Gutterglove brand is now being manufactured in the U.S.

Lenney said it will be a struggle to find enough cash to support the excessive forecasted sales through Costco and the expanding network of Gutterglove dealers. He is currently seeking private funding to assist with inventory manufacturing.

In addition to these distribution channels, a major hardware store chain is expected to order 500,000 feet in December for its 2013 spring launch on one of Lenney’s gutter guards. An Australian distributor will also be launching one of Lenney’s gutter cover designs in first quarter 2013.

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