Rocklin MOMS put safety first

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North Rocklin MOMS Club meets

When: 10 a.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29

Where: Rocklin Library, 4890 Granite Drive

Info: 435-3985

It’s an event no parent wants to imagine – the disappearance of a child. But the reality is that it does happen, and a group of Rocklin volunteers is helping parents ensure that their children can be easily identified.

Since 2005, volunteers have offered free identification kits through the Child ID Program. Operated by the Rocklin Public Safety Volunteers, the kits are a staple at any Rocklin event, where a booth is set up and parents are given a simple kit that could make all the difference in the case of a missing child.

Each kit contains the child’s name and picture, along with digital fingerprints, a hair sample, chart for dental records, instructions for DNA collection, safety suggestions, child stickers and a refrigerator magnet. Having this information handy during an emergency could make all the difference.

The volunteers don’t keep any of the information; instead it is sent home with the parents with instructions for keeping it up-to-date.

“Say you’re on vacation and a child goes missing,” said Becky Kanowsky, Public Safety Volunteers president. “If we had the kit, that wouldn’t do them any good if they’re in Florida.”

Kanowsky said a good place to keep the kit is in the child’s suitcase, so it’s always in the same place and guaranteed to go along on an overnight trip.

Since the Child ID Program’s inception, thousands of children have had kits made. The 8,000th kit is expected to be given Tuesday, Jan. 29, when the Public Safety Volunteers team up with the North Rocklin MOMS club for their meeting.

The meeting is open to the public to come hear Officer Mike Nottoli speak about child safety, and after the meeting volunteers will provide ID kits.

“You don’t want to think anything bad is ever going to happen to your kids, but you never know,” said Julie Casler, club co-president. “The more prep work you can do ahead of time, and the more documentation, the better.”