Rocklin PD DUI arrests increase 14 percent this year

By: Staff report
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Rocklin Police Department officers have arrested 14 percent more drivers this year for Driving Under the Influence than through the same year-to-date period last year. There have been 264 arrests since the beginning of the year. Arrestees of a DUI charge may be driving with alcohol in their system, drugs in their system or a combination of the two. The increase in arrests can be attributed to several factors including increased officer diligence for DUI driving indicators, increased officer skills in recognizing symptoms of a driver’s alcohol or drug intoxication and the help of other drivers calling 911 to report possible drunk drivers. With enhanced 911 capabilities, the Rocklin Police Department Communications Center receives cellular phone calls made within its boundaries. This makes for rapid dispatching and subsequent response by Rocklin PD patrol officers to be on the look out for the possible offender. There has been a 23 percent increase in cellular phone calls to the Rocklin Communications Center to report suspected “drunk drivers” so far this year as compared to the same period last year. In other areas of the region, 911 calls are answered by the California Highway Patrol who must then forward the cellular caller to the appropriate local agency for dispatching. The time delay can make the difference between an offender getting away or being arrested. “I don’t believe that there are 14 percent more DUI drivers in the area as compared to last year,” said Rocklin Police Department Lt. Lon Milka. “I believe that more of the DUI drivers out there are being arrested. If you are going to drink and drive, chances are good that either a police officer will spot you or a citizen will.”