Rocklin PD to issue red light citations

By: ToLewis, The Placer Herald
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The Rocklin Police Department announced it will now be issuing citations for red light violations at the intersection of Rocklin Road and the I-80 on-ramp. The camera, which began operating on June 6, monitors both straight-through lanes and the left-turn lane onto westbound I-80. Rocklin po-lice had planned a one-month warning period and issued mostly notices, not citations, until July 7 but extended the period to Aug. 1, police said. “We’re not here to punish people, we want them to be more cautious,” said Sgt Terry Roide of the Rocklin Police Department. “We want to cut down on the accidents, especially the red light ones. Those are usually the big accidents because of the speeds of both cars.” During the warning period, there were 670 total violations recorded, 310 of those were issued warnings, and 183 of the violations are still being processed, police said. The Rocklin City Council approved the Red Light Enforcement Program in 2005, allowing for 10 cameras to be placed around the city. The first camera was placed at the intersection of Sunset Boulevard and Park Avenue in 2006. Roide said because of a design flaw in the intersection, that camera only captures the left-turn lane. Roide said there were more than 1,000 red light violations in 2007 captured by the camera and of those, 765 citations were issued. “We’re pretty conservative as agencies go,” Roide said. “If we’re looking at the video and it is really close to tell, then we won’t issue a citation. We are looking at those violations that are going to cause accidents.” The Red Light Photo Enforcement Program is administered by Redflex Traffic Systems, an Arizona-based provider of traffic safety photo enforcement. Roide said Redflex initially monitors the intersection before sending the video to the police department for final approval. “If they can’t identify the driver or the license plate, they may kick it out,” Roide said. Roide said although the program is approved for eight more camera’s to be installed throughout the city, the police department is not in too big of a hurry. He said the Rocklin Police Department is working in conjunction with Redflex to monitor possible problem intersections before installing the cameras. Roide also said one area that will likely be a high-risk, high-traffic area that is a good candidate for red light cameras is the intersection of Sierra College Boulevard and I-80, near the proposed Rocklin Crossings development.