Rocklin Police earn support of Auburn Indian community

Newest grant award brings total police support to $357,253 since 2005
By: Jon Brines, Placer Herald Correspondent
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United Auburn Indian Community, which operates Thunder Valley Casino, announced May 8 the latest in a series of grants to the Rocklin Police Department. ?The United Auburn Indian Community has been generous, through their grant process, to the Rocklin Police to help offset impacts associated with Indian gaming,? Rocklin Police Lt. Lon Milka said. The 2012 grant for $8,500 will be used to upgrade computer equipment to investigate and prosecute identity theft and other high tech fraud-related crimes. ?Much of our current equipment is operating on older hardware,? Lt. Milka said. ?Additionally, software needs to be updated so that it is more sophisticated and can keep up with the sophistication of the modern day world and the use of electronic equipment in criminal activity.? Since 2005 the Rocklin Police Department has received more than $357,253 in grants from the United Auburn Indian community. In 2005, they were awarded $60,000 for an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to help the crime lab match fingerprints left at crime scenes. The following year the department received $56,000 for a bait car with electronic tracking and an engine shut down system to help thwart car thieves. In 2007, they were granted $200,000 for start-up costs for a Regional Auto Theft Task Force, a Placer County operation. In 2008, they received $19,934.17 for the Video Evidence Enhancing System used by detectives to help identify suspects caught on video and $4,319.09 for the Child Identification and Printing System that police volunteers use at community events. Last year Rocklin Police received $8,500 for a license plate reader upgrade to help identify stolen vehicles. The grant requests are made to the Indian Gaming Local Community Benefit Committee (IGLCBC), which is composed of Placer County government officials, including Rocklin City council member Diana Ruslin. ?This is a highly needed upgrade,? Ruslin said. ?Additional technology tools provided to the Rocklin Police Department will increase the ability to identify these types of criminals.? Ironically, Ruslin filed a police report in February after alleged international criminals hacked her email account, impersonating her in an attempt to get money wired from her contacts and friends. According to Lt. Milka, identity theft is the most commonly reported crime in Rocklin. ?ID theft cases range from locally developed crimes to a worldwide connection,? Lt. Milka said. ?They vary from phishing to credit card skimming to internet fraud. They are very difficult to investigate. But the upgraded equipment will help us with all kinds of cases from rapes and sexual assaults, drug cases, and especially forgery and fraud.? The United Auburn Indian Community began offering the grants in 2005 as a way to offset impacts associated with Indian gaming. ?The UAIC is proud to make this contribution to help these organizations and departments in Placer County,? said David Keyser, chairman of the UAIC. ?This contribution is targeted to areas where it will make the most significant difference and assist departments with unique projects and responsibilities.? This year?s total grant funds of $67,853 were distributed to a number of communities in Placer County. ________ Indian community grants to Rocklin Police 2005: $60,000 Fingerprint system 2006: $56,000 Auto Theft Bait Car 2007: $200,000 Task Force start up 2008: $24,253 Video Evidence system 2011: $8,500 License Plate Reader 2012: $8,500 ID Theft Computer System Source: Rocklin Police Dept.