Rocklin police have chosen not to enforce parking restrictions

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Fellow Rocklin dwellers that own trailers, boats and RVs, I would like to inform you of a financial savings if you stow your property at a paid storage facility. It has come to my attention after months of complaining about an unsightly large trailer on my street, that the Rocklin Police Department has selected to not enforce parking restrictions on public streets or no such regulation exist. Therefore, free storage and parking for your trailer, boat or RV is welcomed to litter the residential streets of Rocklin. The awareness came about when more than two months ago a rental home began use of the public street for storage of a very large unsightly trailer. It sits and sits on a public street in the same spot, every day and every night. In contact with the Rocklin Police Department, I was informed the city requires that vehicles not be parked on public streets for more than 72 hours and after that it cannot be returned to the same spot in a specific time frame. So complaint after complaint, via the Rocklin Web site, nothing has changed nor enforced with regards to those standards. Either I misunderstood or nothing is being done. Why waste money in these hard financial times when you can enjoy littering the public residential streets of Rocklin with your trailers, boats and RVs? Martin Fierro Rocklin