Rocklin prepares for storm

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Strong storms are expected to continue through the weekend. During the storms, the city ensures that main roadways are clear of downed trees and debris and that storm drain inlets are functioning properly. Public Services crews respond to reports of tree damage and clogged storm drains, placing priority on blocked roadways, flooding above the curb line and other hazardous situations.

The city of Rocklin has directed all available staff from Public Services and Park Landscape Services to provide street maintenance and keep storm drains clear of debris on main roadways, according to a media release from the city. With the lack of a hard freeze, trees held their leaves longer this year and with high winds, leaves and other debris are now washing into storm drains.


Street flooding

During significant rain storms, street flooding can occur because there’s too much water to get through the storm drain system or debris has blocked the drains. If you notice a clogged drain near your home and can safely remove debris, proper drainage should resume. To report street flooding during regular business hours, call Rocklin’s Public Services Division at 625-5500. For after- hours and weekends, call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 625-5400 or the message line at 625-5500 and leave a message.


Fallen trees

To report fallen trees during regular business hours, call 625-5500. All other times, call the Police Department’s non-emergency number at 625-5400.


Downed power lines/outages

Wet and windy weather can also damage overhead power lines. PG&E crews are on standby to respond to power outages.

If you encounter a downed power line – don’t touch it – call 9-1-1. To report an electric outage, call PG&E at (800) 743-5002. For safety tips and other preparedness information, visit PG&E’s Storm Safety page.



Sandbags and sand are available in the parking lot of the city’s corporation yard at 4081 Alvis Court. Residents are advised to use these sandbags only if needed, as supplies are limited. This is a self-service, so you will need to bring your own shovel. Sand bags and sand are also available at local home improvement stores.


Sewer problems

For any sewer related issues, including 24-hour emergency services, call contact South Placer Municipal Utility District at 786-8555.


City preparedness

The city of Rocklin Public Services Division has taken a number of steps to prepare for the storm.

·       City staff will work throughout the day in conjunction with Recology, providing a street sweeper in areas that have potential for flooding. City staff is also working to keep the streams and culvert crossings free as the flow picks up and carries the summer’s growth downstream.

·       City staff has assigned two teams to monitor city streets and creeks throughout the weekend and an additional two teams on standby. A major concern is for downed trees later this weekend. The ground will be saturated and high winds are expected to continue.

·       A tree company is on standby to provide backup assistance, if needed.

·       A backup generator is in place at the city’s corporation yard should power outages occur to keep the Operations Center functioning, along with the fuel station.