Rocklin resident rolls up funds for children’s home

By: Lauren Gibbs, The Placer Herald
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Sometimes all it takes is one person to inspire others. That’s what Rocklin resident Debbie Shepard hopes stems from her recent fundraiser for the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento, a nonprofit organization that acts as a refuge for children who have been abused. The shelter provides the children with a space for recovery, food and clothing, medical attention, education and more. Shepard spearheaded a roller-skating fundraiser for the Children’s Receiving Home last weekend, which raised more than $500 toward the organization, as well as clothing, toys and other gifts for some of the foster children. With approximately 130 people in attendance, the event was a success, Shepard said. “I think every year it will get bigger and better,” she said. The event idea sparked after Shepard and her family had an unpleasant experience with an adopt-a-family through a local organization. Shepard said her family delivered the clothes and toys to their “adopted” family and found them to be ungrateful for what they were receiving. “I love helping people,” Shepard said. “But I want to help someone who wants to help themselves.” From there, she found the Children’s Receiving Home and decided it was a good fit. With a little help from Roller King in Roseville and Green Planet Pizza, the event turned into an affordable way for families to have fun, but also give back to the community. “I had to make it cost-effective, everybody is hurting,” she said. For skaters, the cost was $8 and for those who opted out of skating it cost $5, which included pizza, drinks and dessert for two hours. At the event, posters were hung to remind parents and children why they were there — to help foster children. “It’s sad because they (foster children) go in with nothing and leave with very little,” Shepard said. “They don’t have their mom and dad to read a bedtime story.” Shepard said she has a “desire of making sure my kids get it. You do reach out and you do help out. And at the same time, you are grateful for what you have.” The fundraiser was a first for Shepard, but she said she hopes to make it an annual event. “If I can do it, anyone can do it,” she said. “I think that people sometimes underestimate the power of one person. All it takes is one person.” For more information on the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento, visit