Rocklin self-service pack and ship ready for holidays

Owner says experience key to business success
By: Keith Reid, The Placer Herald
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It can be one of the biggest hassles of the holidays. Sending Christmas presents to distant relatives - not sure it the fragile treasures will reach their final destination in one piece. Gary McCulllough, a Rocklin resident who owns Master Packaging in Rocklin feels that he has the right medication to relieve those types of holiday headaches. "We have 16 different types of bubble wrap, anti-static packing popcorn and boxes that can fit any sized item," McCullough said. McCullough has owned Master Packaging for 15 years, and he's been in the packaging business for 25 years. Master Packaging has made a name for itself by helping people with packing material for moving storage and providing businesses with commercial pack and shipping services. Recently, however, Master Packaging has begun a new service - allowing customers to pack their own boxes, and prepare them for shipping. "This new self-service program has the potential to save customers up to 75 percent compared to paying a typical packaging store to do the work," McCullough said. "For example for a 12x12x12 box, it would cost about $16.72 to pack it here. It would cost about $45, being conservative, at another location." The store then helps customers find discounts on shipping. McCullough says it's his experience that makes him the premiere option for the packaging needs of Rocklin. "Most people really don't know how to package," McCullough said. "That's why items get to their destination in bad shape. They don't know what we know." Master Packaging employee Bruce Crain also notes that the new self-packaging center will also be a benefit to small business owners and eBay sellers. Crain also said that Master Packaging offers a bonus to its customers - strapping. "Once packed, packages are banded with a strong and secure, half-inch wide, plastic strapping that reinforces and supports the entire package," Crain said. "Sometimes, the strapping was the only thing holding their package together when it arrived at its destination." McCullough is confident in his product. "Customers can expect expert repair service, replacement parts, training and even preventative maintenance on all equipment they purchase from us," said McCullough. Master Packaging is located 2256B Sierra Meadows Dr. in Rocklin across from the UPS station. The store is hosting an Open House on Thursday, Dec. 9 from 9 a.m.- 6 p m. For more information, call 632-1076 or visit the Master Packaging Web site, -Keith Reid can be reached at