Rocklin taxpayers ‘snookered’ in deal

Reader Input
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The city saves with early retirements? According to Scott Yuill (Placer Herald, April 1 Reader Input), the city of Rocklin will save money by spending more than $1 million of taxpayers’ money in the early retirement deal. Everywhere else in California there are layoffs, work furloughs and job eliminations to deal with the economic downturn. But not in Rocklin – in this benevolent city of largess people are paid more to work less or not at all. Why was there a need to “negotiate” terms with these city managers? As employees of the city, their hours could be reduced at any time to part time status by the city council. The real truth is that the taxpayers in Rocklin were snookered in this deal. Mr. (Carlos) Urrutia is a trained and experienced negotiator. He was representing both his own interests and those of the city at the same time – a classic case of conflict of interest. Is it at all surprising whom came out ahead? For some reason the CEO’s and managers feel that they all deserve million dollar bonus deals at the public’s expense. It is the responsibility of the city council to manage the taxpayers’ money appropriately. Clearly that did not happen in this case. Hopefully every Rocklin voter will remember this at the next city council election. Bob Lasley, Rocklin