Rocklin woman 100 years young

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Rocklin resident Lucy M. Schimmelman celebrated her 100th birthday Dec. 17 at her home at Rolling Oaks Apartments in Rocklin.

The day before that, she joined nearly 100 family  members and friends for a party at Johnson-Springview Park, only blocks away from where she was baptized.
Schimmelman’s family spans five generations, including one daughter and three sons, 19 grandchildren, 27 great-grandchildren and 20 great-great-grandchildren.
She is in good health and takes no prescription medications. She attributes her health to staying positive and having a good sense of humor.
Schimmelman’s mother, Myrtle Betterly Sohn, died while giving birth to her. Her father, John Sohn, along with her grandparents, aunts and uncles, raised her. She was an only child, but enjoyed visiting and playing with her many cousins. Most of them lived in the Auburn, Rocklin and Roseville area at that time.
Schimmelman has survived her husband, John Howard Schimmelman. They were married in 1930 and he died in 1977, at age 67. Their daughter and oldest child, Myrtle Hoyes, died in 2011.
At the insistence of her granddaughter, Sabrina Grant, Schimmelman wrote her autobiography at the age of 85. She had moved 71 times from her birth until the date she wrote her book, the majority of her homes located in and around California.
Her book contains stories that begin in the early 1900s, including the first time she saw an airplane fly over her  grandparents’ house and it frightened her so much that she hid under the bed. She also noted that her grandparents’ only form of transportation was a horse and surrey with a fringed top.
In 1997, she moved to Rolling Oaks Apartments in Rocklin, where she resides on her own. Her sons and their wives (Jack and Kathy, Maurice and Linda and Bill and Margaret), hosted Schimmelman’s 100th birthday party. Family traveled from as far away as Boston, Missouri, Oregon and Utah to celebrate.
“You get spoiled,” Schimmelman smiled, when asked what it feels like to turn 100. “Everybody is so nice to you!”