Rocklin's 'Celebrate America' fest was seriously over-the-top

Letter to the Editor
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I attended ?Celebrate America? with my family and had a great time. We regularly attended the Rocklin Jubilee, celebrated since 1968. I was sad to see it suspended. Of course, everybody is for a healthy display of patriotism on the Fourth of July, but ?Celebrate America? was seriously over-the-top. That would be forgivable, but the constant Christian proselytizing was far beyond reasonable. Even more blatant was the unmistakable conservative political theme throughout, with the tribute to Ronald Reagan and the John McClintock speech. Of course, none of the local secular charities and community organizations were represented. God forbid we should enjoy a beer from the Rotary Club booth, which helps fund scholarships for high school seniors. Still, we managed to have a good time and have a few laughs at this blatant right-wing Christian propaganda fest. Danny Gokey sang well and the fireworks were spectacular, but I think we will try the Lincoln show next year. Don Detrich, Rocklin