Rodeo should be banned

Reader Input
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Rodeo is a blatant display of animals being tortured, tormented, and terrorized. In addition to baby calf neck-snapping and steer wrestling (both recently banned in Houston for their inherent cruelty), even normally docile animals must be “agitated” with painfully cinched flank straps, heavy spurring, and tied-on cowbells. Horses or cattle can be so traumatized that they “stall” at the chutes—frozen in fear. The phony excuse for shocking those animals is “safety” reasons. To “work them up,” animals have had their ears twisted, tails raked, bodies poked with wires, and electrically shocked with illegal, clandestine hand-held devices. Rodeo promoters know how to torture animals for a money-making show, while they tell the gullible crowd, over and over, how much the animals love it. Innocent ranch animals should not be demonized in order to justify cruelty. Rodeos have nothing to do with tradition. No legitimate rancher ever subjects valuable farm animals to such stressful exploitation for a better ride. Rodeo must be banned. Jim Cather, Loomis